Let me invite you to try on a new lens, let me hold space for you to be “uncertain” for just a moment and be OPEN to entertaining the idea “what IF he is right”

Humanity, rather a large percentage suffers from a disease. And the dis-ease is amnesia, and not amnesia in the sense of forgetfulness in material things, your everyday life, but rather forgetfulness around knowing ones true self. You see, we are unique expressions of the divine, all of us, and we have just forgotten… We have embraced the thought process that “life happens to us”, and lost our inner light.

I am simply here to say that is not what I found to be the truth.

I moved about through my life in quite the “normal” way, at least being viewed from the lens of the collective/society. For a while, I struggled there, not financially although that does happen later in the story of my life but I struggled to BE HAPPY, to BE LOVE. And this struggling to BE HAPPY played out in ways throughout my life.

t wasn’t until I began taking a look inward to understand why I wasn’t creating the results that I wanted in various facets of my life. Through this journey that has unfolded so beautifully, I have discovered the true nature of self, the deep essence of my being. I awakened to the creator that I AM. The truth that I discovered is that we are ALL capable beyond comprehension. As I continued along this path, I started sharing what was evolving in my life and the people I interacted with regularly started making shifts in their life as well. When I became aware of this, I knew I needed a bigger platform in which to speak.

“The seeds of creation lie within”