I get asked by people all of the time, what does a coach do?

What is coaching?

I invite you to be open to an idea for a moment, to ponder a question… What would it be like to have a relationship with a powerful creator? A relationship to a powerful person that commits to you like you have never experienced before? As a bi-product of this commitment a space so fertile is created. This space between two beings so intentional that it allows you (the client) to blossom into your fullest expression in life. In this blossoming, results are achieved that you never dreampt as actually being possible. That is what a good students experience is with a good coach, and it seems too far-fetched for some. In reality, it only seems impossible to someone who doesn’t adopt a belief in truth. The truth is, that you are capable beyond comprehension, you just need someone strong enough to hold a mirror to prove it to you.

Another truth is this, you don’t NEED a coach –

Nobody NEEDS a coach, you are whole and complete on your own. But, what I can tell you from my own personal experience in being coached by some of the best in the country is that by having one you can surely collapse the gap, collapse the wait time from who you are now to realizing your deepest desires. If your vision is big and sexy enough, and your heart is in it and you are ready to play a big game, let’s create a conversation around it. One last note, the best coaches choose the right students. I must be able to “get behind” what it is you desire to create for me to serve you the way you deserve to be.